Covid19 Updates Telegram Bot

A telegram bot which will provide updates about the corona virus impact in different states of India.

Covid19 Updates Telegram Bot

This app helps you get information about the anomalies brought about by Covid19 or Corona Virus in different states of India. It will also help you find the new articles shared by the health ministry in PDF format and latest news on Covid19.

The idea of making this bot came from a similar project made by Rachit Jain Project which was a bot for slack.

Looking at that, I thought of creating a bot for yet another famous platform called Telegram and with Node.js.

The bot directly scrapes the data from the Government Website. The news are shown from the News API.

The project is open sourced with the installation and setup guide, so feel free to tweak the bot and try it out.

Working on this project gave me a good exposure about the telegram bots and the API exposed by the Telegraf package.

One biggest challenge that I am facing with this project is that the website design and structure is changing quite frequently which breaks the scraping script. So I have to keep track if any change made on the government website breaks the bot or not.

In order to do that I added a little analytics to the bot which notifies me about it.

Along with this, there is a caching mechanism in place with prevents heavy load on the website and also able to serve data quickly to the user.

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